Home Repair Services

Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

Sometimes, it takes more than a professional paint job to revitalize the look and feel of your home. From rotted wood and sheetrock repair, to wood floor refinishing and window or door replacement, Paint Perfect offers home repair services you can count on.

Rotted Wood Repair

Rotted wood can compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. Thankfully, the Paint Perfect team is not only trained to locate and repair rotted wood at any stage of the degradation process, but also to address and fix the issue. This will help ensure a safer home for you and your family, while decreasing the risk of rotting wood occurrences in the future.

Sheetrock Repair

Over time, walls can acquire nicks, bumps, dents and even larger blemishes that require a professional touch. Paint Perfect will help assess and handle your sheetrock repair needs, so your walls can look like new and perfectly primed for a fresh coat of paint.

Wood Floor Refinishing

A dull or scratched wood floor can make any room feel outdated. Luckily, Paint Perfect offers hardwood floor refinishing as a specialty service to help your home reach its potential. We’ll refine and refinish your floors using top-notch equipment, and stain it to look just as you envision.

Window & Door Replacement

Decades-old windows and doors can age the overall look of your home, while sometimes compromising energy efficiency and total costs. We’ll work to help you select and install beautiful window and door designs to elevate your home’s appearance and inherent market value.