Wood Floor Refinishing

Brighten Your Space with a Refinished Floor

Hardwood floors add beauty and character to a home. So if your wood floors seem to have lost their luster, it could be time for a professional refinishing project. Refinishing a wood floor is a necessary step to prolonging its life and bringing back its natural beauty. At Paint Perfect, our experts will help restore your flooring to its former brilliance using quality materials and a professional touch.

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Repair and Refinishing

The craftsmen at Paint Perfect are trained to carefully and precisely refinish all types of hardwood surfaces, such as oak, walnut, cherry, maple, Brazilian, and more. Plus, our experts are trained in a variety of professional techniques to help revive your floor’s brilliance––from buffing and sealing to sanding, stripping and staining. And, when the time comes to kick off your project, Paint Perfect is prepared to assist with moving your furniture and arranging temporary, on-site POD storage.