Rotted Wood Repair

Reinforce Your Home’s Safety and Strength

 Your home comprises a series of intricate spaces that are critical to a sturdy foundation. But if these spaces—doors and windows, eaves, areas around ventilation units and even ground-level structures––are exposed to moisture, they run the risk of rotting. The rotted wood repair specialists at Paint Perfect are trained to identify and locate vulnerable areas of your home, treat visible rotted wood and prevent future damage. This expertise is put into action during our thorough process.

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Paint Perfect’s Rotted Wood Repair Process

1. Free Inspection

A specialist from the Paint Perfect team will inspect any areas of your home where you may have observed rotted wood, as well as evaluate any potential “trouble areas.”

2. Detailed Estimate

Based on our findings, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your project within a few days post-inspection.

3. Solid Proof

Paint Perfect is happy to show you the quality and uncompromising detail of our workmanship by showing you homes to which we have provided our services.

4. Open Communication

We’ll keep you up-to-date on project timetables, progress, setbacks and more. Plus, our in-house staff is available to help answer any scheduling questions you might have during the process.