Our Color Consultation Process

Your Vision in Vivid Color

The Paint Perfect team is expertly trained to guide you through the color selection process––from start to finish.

Here’s what you can expect from one of our free, at-home color consultations:

Trained Consultants
Following approval of the initial project plan and budget, Paint Perfect provides free, on-site color consulting, where our experts work with you to select colors from the comfort of your (soon-to-be revitalized) home.

Visual Aids
Then, Paint Perfect’s experts will work tirelessly to help you visualize the color that you have in mind. This is achieved through the use of larger, professional-sized paint chips at your home, so that you can have a true representation of each shade.

A Streamlined Process
Our interactive process not only ensures that the vision for your home is brought to life, but also helps to eliminate the added cost of employing an interior decorator.